I’m always happy to connect to answer questions about Farcool and services offerings.

Please use the contact form to send a message (or the slide-out form at bottom right of the page) and I will respond as soon as possible.

For those who prefer to contact in other ways:

Email: b@farcool.com

Australian Mobile#: 04 3534 2833

107 Downs St
North Ipswich
Australia 4305

Note, just moved – please bear with me while all address info is updated.

Let me know how else you like to communicate and I’m sure we can hook that up too. BTW, you can now visit the blog which is new.

FarCool has always been a fully online business. Most communication is online as most clients are from all over the world.

For contact enquiries relating to services and information via FarcoolMart.com see contact information published there – depending upon your location (eg. US), the support services may list a local number for you to call. If you are a member of FarcoolMart you can also designate an account executive to help manage specific tasks within your account.